Avitae Caffeinated Water (Review) & Giveaway!

As far back as I can remember, I have been addicted to diet sodas.  I started drinking them in my late teens and never stopped!  Until this year…around the end of January,all of the sudden –  I stopped, can’t really say why or how..just didn’t crave them any more.  I started drinking iced tea: diet, sweetened, unsweetened, flavored, and unflavored.  But I noticed that all this tea drinking was making my teeth a little “less white” and sometimes I just didn’t feel for tea!  And most importantly I was feeling a huge lack of energy in the afternoons, when I would usually have a diet soda. I didn’t want restart my soda addiction..but i wasn’t getting anything done after work..at all!

Then one day I saw that ThriftyChicMom was going to be talking about this wonderful alternative to soda, coffee, and tea at one of her #livegive Twitter parties!  I knew i had to check this out!  During the party we learned all about  this caffeinated water called Avitae. Was this what I had been hoping for?

I love water, always have!  But I am, admittedly, a water snob..I don’t just like the taste of any ol’ water. Let’s face it, not all bottled waters are created equally!  So I was a little worried that a “caffeinated water” might taste funny or have a weird after taste, but I decided to give it a go!

I contacted Avitae and asked them if they would be interested in sending me some of their water so I could try it and do a review, they were more than happy to! (a sign of a confident company)  When I received the water I was a little nervous about trying it..would it taste weird, would it make me nervous, what if it did nothing at all!?

The next day, after work, I gave it a try…poured the water over a tall glass of ice and took a drink..tasted great…no aftertaste what so ever…it was just really good, clean tasting water! I liked it!  I went about my afternoon drinking my water and then I realized, I wasn’t as tired as I had usually been after work..I had this burst of steady energy, I felt great! not jittery or nervous, I just felt like getting up and cleaning the house! ha!   This was awesome! 

A lil’ bit about this wonderful new find!  Avitae is caffeinated, purified, zero calorie water that contains 45mg of natural caffeine, this is the equivalent of an average diet soft drink’s caffeine content. Avitae contains NOTHING artificial, no un-natural  colors, no un-natural flavors, just great tasting water with a “caffeine lift”!

So, do I recommend this product? You bet I do! What are the pro’s and con’s? 

Pro’s:  Tastes great! like clean, fresh, water! no plastic bottle taste, no after taste!  Gives you a great steady energy lift.  Affordably priced! I love it! 😀

Con’s:  I am all out of Avitae! 😦

You can find more information about Avitae and where to get your own caffeinated water awesomeness on their website !! I highly recommend that you do!

note: I received a four pack of Avitae bottled water to try for my review. I received nothing else for my opinion not was I compensated in any way.  As always I provide you with my honest opinions and if I love it..I want to share it with you!


Want to give this fantastic water a try?? Well now you have the chance! Avitae will be sending one lucky reader a 4 pack of Avitae Caffeinated Water!  Winner will be chosen at random from all eligible comments/entries, so lets get this started!…. 😀

Mandatory entry: (must be done for other entries to count!!)

Subscribe to my blog (top left) and leave a comment letting me know that you did!  Then (in same comment) Tell me why you are most looking forward to trying this water!

Extra Entries: (please leave a separate comment for each!)

1– Follow @lifeonprint on Twitter, leave your Twitter name in the comment (1 entry)

2- Follow @avitae45 on Twitter, and let them know @lifeonprint sent you!  leave your Twitter name in a comment. (3 entries)

3- Follow @lifethrwmyeyes on Twitter, leave a comment with Twitter name (2 entries)

4-  Follow avitae on FaceBook ,  post on their wall that you are entering this  giveaway! Come back and leave a comment here with your FB name telling me that you did! (4 entries)

5- Go to my “Meet Bud” post and leave a comment! come back here letting me know you did! (5 entries)

6-  Tweet about this giveaway: (may be done up to 6 times a day, feel free to copy and paste the following)

“Addicted to soda? Have you heard about @Avitae45?  #win a 4 pack of Avitae Caffeinated Water!! http://wp.me/pEXVk-8w via @lifethrwmyeyes

“Looking for an alterative to sodas?  Here’s what you’ve been looking for!  Avitae Caffeinated Water #Giveaway http://wp.me/pEXVk-8w

“Want a healthy alternative to sodas/energy drinks? Here’s your chance to #win a 4/pk of Avitae!! via @lifethrwmyeyes http://wp.me/pEXVk-8w 

That’s it! 😀

Giveaway starts right now and ends on July 21 @ 12am PST ! Have fun and good luck!

*US residents only-sorry 😦

The winner of the Avitae 4-pack is:  Ellen!!! Congrats!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mary C.
    Jul 03, 2010 @ 13:13:56

    I am really anxious to try this water, too! I think it is wonderful to have a product like Avitae “water with a kick!” I love water over all other drinks. It is the only drink that will quench my thirst entirely. And now to have water with caffeine will be the best of two worlds. I wasn’t fortunate enough to win the Avitae water during @ThriftyChicMom’s #livegive Twitter party (which was a fun, informative party) and feel like I missed the boat on trying this exceptional water. Hope Avitae will send @lifeonprint some more and I would love to have another chance to try this great product, also. @lifeonprint did a fantastic review of your Avitae Caffeinated Water on her blog that has me drooling for some of your wonderful water.


    • lifeonprint
      Jul 03, 2010 @ 13:18:24

      Thank you so much for your comment! Stay tuned, a second chance to win some may be coming to my blog soon!!! 😉


      • Paula
        Jul 03, 2010 @ 14:04:15

        well im soo going tomorrow and pick this up! i love water too and if it gives me energy with 6 kids ill love it lol 🙂 awesome review you sold me!

  2. Ellen -Thrifty & Chic Mom
    Jul 04, 2010 @ 07:34:15

    I am so glad you got to try it out, this is such an amazing product ( as you know) and it is perfect for that end of day crash!
    Thanks for mentioning me and my parties, I love tweeting with you on Monday nights!


  3. Garin Kilpatrick
    Jul 04, 2010 @ 13:28:18

    Awesome. I really appreciate good water (Fiji is my favorite) so you can call me a water snob too. I can’t wait to try this, I hope they ship to Canada!




  4. Anne Pratt, Ph.D.
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 19:09:10

    Yes! Sounds terrific. Wonder if they’ll come out with a lightly carbonated version, my own particular weakness . ..



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