My first, Wordless Wednesday!


DuckyGram Review! (Gotta love a Giant Rubber Ducky!)

Every once in a while I come across a company or a product that that steals my heart..and this is one of them..

I would LOVE to introduce you to DuckyGram

DuckyGram is a wonderful company who came up with a fantastic idea, why spend heaps of money on flowers, candy, or cookie bouquets, that are WAY overpriced, sabotage healthy eating, and even go bad and die! When you can send a product that wont make your loved ones sneeze, itch, or ruin their diet, a product  that will be a complete surprise to all, that will make them smile and giggle for years to come, and will never die or need to be thrown out! DuckyGram’s giant rubber ducky grams are the perfect, affordable, alternative!!


Duckygrams can be sent anytime you want to send a smile! Each giant duck comes with colorful ribbon around its neck, in a DuckyGram box filled with colorful tissue paper, and with its own personalized telegram style message card!  They can be color coordinated to match a theme, holiday, or even a favorite team! 

This is no dollar store ducky! DuckyGram ducks are high quality and built to last, weighing almost a full pound! now that’s one sturdy duck!

DuckyGram  duckies are so very reasonably priced!  They average about $19.99, which is a steal considering what you get and when you think about the average cost of 1 greeting card today being almost $5.00 each!  I would much rather spend my money on a quality product that wont end up in the recycling bin 🙂

We were fortunate enough to have hosted Ronald this past summer, in Kailua, Oahu! Ronald is DuckyGram’s official ambassador and he is currently on his “Quack ‘Em Up” Comedy Tour Across America! You can sign up to host Ronald right on the DuckyGram Website! We had so much fun taking Ronald all over the island of Oahu, taking pictures everywhere we went, and Ronald even met his very best friend Mango during his Island Vacation! You can follow their story from the start on DuckyGram’s FaceBook page! Don’t be surprised if you end up having more fun with this than your kids! ( I had so much fun it was hard to send Ronald on to his next host!)

It was my DS’s birthday recently and he had received his main gift early this year. I still wanted something special to surprise him with on the actual day.  I knew that we had both grown fond of Ronald over the summer and knew this would be the perfect gift for him.  It arrived just in time! he had gotten it before I even got home, took it straight to his room, I knew he was surprised and happy about his DuckyGram (otherwise he would have left it in the kitchen) The packaging was perfect, and the finishing touch was the telegram card that read, “Happy Birthday …. love, Ronald and Mango”  His DuckyGram is still sitting on his desk, it hasn’t been shoved in the closet or under the bed and I know it makes him smile evey time he walks in his room and sees it, as it does me.

So, in a nutshell, I think DuckyGram is one amazingly wonderful product and the people behind the ducks are pretty awesome themselves! So check them out, say hi on Twitter  (they are very friendly) and you should seriously consider ordering a giant ducky for your loved ones, it will “quack them up” and you’ll be glad you did! 😉

Madsen Cycles….my dream come true.

Well, as some of you may have figured out, I adore bikes! I see a beautiful bike and it makes me stop and stare, and yes…I will even admit it may make me drool a little. It is not uncommon for me to walk by a fixed gear and run my fingers across it’s frame, just to be able to touch it..yeh, I know what you are thinking, but really, don’t we ALL have something that makes us feel that way? Be it a car, or jewelry, a piece of beautiful art or furniture? Well bikes are mine, yes, they make my heart go pitter patter.
I have always been partial to fixies or a hot track bike, but then I saw The Madsen Cargo bike, and I was like “OMGOSH!!! I have to haaaavvve one!” I instantly pictured myself on a powder blue Madsen, riding to the store, riding it to dinner at my local Ruby’s Diner…I fell, and I fell hard! Seriously, I dream about this bike!!! ❤

So, anyway..I just wanted to share that with you all, a little confession is good for the soul 🙂
Check it out when you get the chance, and if you love it as much as me..well then drop me a comment, let me know!

(It would be a dream come true to win one of these gorgeous bikes! So if you would be so kind, click on the picture above so I can have a chance to win one! Thank you so much!!)

Mug Hug Review and Giveaway!


I would love to introduce you to this wonderful product that caught my eye one day, Mug Hug!

Mug Hug is a reusable silicone lid that fits mugs that you and I already have at home. It presses on, it is easy to use and it is the first of it’s kind! It is way more convienient than travel mugs that can be hard to wash and cannot be put into the dishwasher.


 I have always been the type of person that loves to go to a coffeehouse, get a coffee to go, sometimes just so I could get the neat cup with the drinking lid! There is just something about those lids, not sure what it is, but it made me feel kinda swanky, even made the coffee better, in my mind!  ya’ know?  (maybe you don’t and it’s just me..anyway..) 😉

 I saw the Mug Hug one day and thought “oh wow! now THAT looks like such a cool little item! So of course I was so excited to get to test one out for review. Now mind you, I did not know what to expect; would it fit right, would it have a funny taste, would it leak?” these were the questions filling my head.  So when I received the Mug Hug I took it out of the box…felt it, bent it, and yes..I even smelled it! (you know how somethings have a funny odor?) 😀 seemed safe enough…I took it over to the sink, while my coffee was brewing, gave the Mug Hug a good wash & dry and proceeded to try it on my coffee mugs to find the perfect fit.  Now I used to drink coffee out of this huge flowery “bowl” of a cup, because my son won it for me and it made me feel like I was at a mad tea party…but I knew already that the “bowl” mug was out for this test.  I grabbed 3 other mugs to test the Mug Hug out on, in varying sizes.  I first tested it with water..just to see if it really was a snug, dribble proof fit, the Mug Hug passed the water test on all 3 mugs, with flying colors!  Then was the real test, hot coffee! Would the hotness melt the lid, would it make it loose, would I end up with coffee all over my t-shirt or worse?  No way! It worked perfectly! I was so stoked! So I tried it on the other mugs, with hot coffee, and they all worked with it as well! I settled on one mug, one that closest resembled a coffee shop to go cup, and I was set. I could not be more thrilled! It worked better than I expected and exactly as the company had claimed it would!  

Mug Hug is dishwasher safe!  It comes in two colors white and brown and it is cute as all heck!  Mug Hug is also a great product for “green” consumers that like to bring their own coffee mugs to local coffee shops to avoid cup and lid waste.  It is perfect  for those who prefer to use their own coffee from home but are usually on the go, the Mug Hug makes your coffee mug totally portable!       


 So in my honest opinion, I give Mug Hug a total Thumbs Up!! I have been using mine everyday!  I recommend you try one, or a few!  You will love it!

You can find more information on how to buy your own wonderful Mug Hug on their website! You can also follow Mug Hug on Twitter and on Facebook!

*I was not paid for my opinion. The opinions in all of my reviews are solely mine and you may have a different opinion of this product.  I was sent one sample to test for my review.

Mug Hug has generously offered to give one of my readers a Mug Hug Original in their choice of  brown or white!

~How to Enter~

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Need a lid for your favorite mug, that fits nice &  snug? Then you need a @Mug_Hug! Enter to win one here:

Giveaway starts NOW and ends on Fri. Sept 17th  @ 11:59pm PT.  Have fun, play nice and good luck!  

The Winner of the Mug Hug is…. #36 -@theladya!! Congrats!

Nory Rahat Locum- Turkish Delight Review & Giveaway!!

 When I received Nory’s Rahat Locum for review, I was sooo excited! I have always loved Turkish Delight so you can imagine how in “sweet delight” heaven I was in when I was sent 4 boxes of this delish treat! 

 As a little girl one of my favorite special treats was Turkish Delight, fruit flavored with nuts.  There are many diferent varieties of Turkish Delight, but the boxes I received from Nory we some of the freshest and most yumm-a-licious Turkish Delight I have tasted!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Rahat Locum – ” Turkish Delight”  or have never tasted it…this would be the brand to try!  It comes in a variety of flavors with or without nuts. My faves, out of the boxes I was sent, would for sure be the bergamot with roasted California pistachios! I really love the ones with nuts, the nuts are meaty and really break up and compliment the sweetness of this decadent candy.

Rahat Locum, which means”contentment of the throat”, is a candy of royalty that is centuries old! Nory Rahat Locum is made fresh just for you!  Their Locum  “is made with locally grown, high quality ingredients and, is cooked, cut and packed by hand!”  This is evident  as soon as you open the box, it is fresh and obviously hand made with care.

These candies are very sweet and oh so addicting! They are chewy and rolled in powdered sugar.   Every time I would eat one, I’d leave the kitchen, only  right back there minutes later to grab another-addicting!!  The Nory Locum is perfect for any occasion, a wonderful specialty treat for you and your family, as a unique gift, or a party delight!  These are beautifully made delectables that would be a welcomed addition to any desert table, I wouldn’t be surprised if your guest even thought you spent hours creating such a special treat just for them! Any way you decide to share them (or keep them to your self) they are sure to be a grand hit!

So my opinion about these delectable? Total thumbs up and I highly suggest you try some very soon!  You won’t be sorry 😉 You can find out more about this wonderful product on the Nory website and you can follow them on their Twitter page!  Enjoy and happy snacking!! 😀

Nory has been so generous! They have offered to give 5 of my readers each a 16oz. box of Plain Assorted Flavors Locum ! woohoo! Let’s get this giveaway started and get 5 of you some yummy sweets!

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5- tell me if you have ever tried Turkish Delight or what about it interests you most! (2 entries)

6- Check out the Nory website, look around and then come back and tell me which flavor you would love to try most! (4 entries)

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Wanna win some @Norycandy Turkish Delight? Then hop on over and enter! 5 winners!!! PLZ RT!!

#win delectable Turkish Delight handmade with love from @norycandy & @lifeonprint. 5 winners! PLZ RT!!

@Norycandy Locum Review and Giveaway! 5 WINNERS!! via Life Through My Eyes…. PLZ RT!

Giveaway starts NOW and ends on Sun. Sept 12 @ 12am PT.  Have fun, play nice and good luck!  

*US residents only-sorry 😦

 5 WINNERS!!! Congrats to: @TiffanyKayKup, @Bockle, @Nankani, @StuffSmart, and @Paulakap8

Aloha Giveaway #2 – Keiki Jewelry Sets!

Here we go!

Aloha Giveaway #2 is for the Keiki in your life!!  When I saw these earrings and necklaces, I knew you all would love them as much as I do! So… I picked up 2 sets, one pink and one purple. Another wonderful find from the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet!

 Each set has a pair of plumeria earrings and a wood bead necklace with a plumeria charm.  Your little one will look adorable in this Island inspired jewelry! 

There will be 2 winners for this giveaway. The first winner picked with receive their choice of color, winner 2 will receive the other set!

Mandatory Entry: (must be done in order for the extras to count!!)

 Leave  a comment on this post telling me who the Keiki in your life is that would love this jewelry! Also tell me which set they would love most (pink or purple) and don’t forget to leave your email or Twitter name so I can contact you if you are a winner!

Extra Entries: (may only be done after posting the mandatory entry!) Please be sure to leave a separate comment for each extra that you do 😀

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3- Tell me the funniest joke your keiki ever told you! (I love kids jokes!) (4-entries-must leave 4 seperate comments)

4- Leave a comment on my Nory Locum review  then comeback and give yourself 5 extra entry comments for doing so! (5 entries)

5 Tweet about this giveaway. You may use the tweets below or make your own, but each tweet must contain the link to this giveaway and must contain the words “Aloha Giveaway”. UNLIMITED ENTRIES!

“Aloha Giveaway #2-Keiki Jewelry set! 2 winners!! PLZ RT!”

“#win a plumeria jewelry set for your keiki! Aloha Giveaway #2! RT PLZ!”

“Does your keiki love jewelry? Then enter to win a set in the Aloha Giveaway #2! RT PLZ!”

Giveaway starts NOW and ends on Sun. Sept 12 @ 12am PT.  Have fun, play nice and good luck!               

MAHALO for entering!

*US residents only-sorry 😦

2 Winners!!: Congrats to @treetrout1 (pink set) and @HedgeHogi (purple set)

Straight from The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, Aloha Giveaway #1-Glass Rings!

YAY! Finally! I am back in giveaway action!

I  have taken a break for about a month now, relaxing, shopping, tanning, swimming, enjoying my summer break! but…that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking of all of you and of new giveaway ideas!

I did a little shopping at one of my favorite bargain places on earth.. The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet! I found some great little bargains on some pretty adorable items! So, this is #1 in the series of “Aloha Giveaways”, Glass Rings!

These rings are gorgeous and look amazing on any hand!  They are comfortable to wear, stand out in a crowd, and are a great conversation piece! Every time I wear mine people always want to know where I got it, even if it was custom-made!  No two  rings are exactly alike and I have never run into anyone who had one..I love unique, one of a kind items! The rings are sized a little different, being that they are hand-made glass..they vary in size from around a small 7, to average 7 to small 8. But these rings look great on any finger, so no worries!!

 Be warned, these are not tiny dainty rings, these rings are bold and don’t need to beg to be noticed!

The 3 winners will have their choice of ring, in order from winners 1, 2, & 3. There are 4 rings, but only 3 will be given away (I will keep the last ring for myself!) but here is the fun part, I can’t decide which one I want most…so that is where you and the giveaway come in…. Thus deciding which one I keep! Making things a whole lot easier on me! 😉  (and you thought I did these giveaways for purely unselfish reasons ;P)

Mandatory Entry: (must be done in order for the extras to count!!)

Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite vacation spot is or a place you would love to visit! Tell me “What, Where, & Why” you love or want to visit this spot! Be sure to leave your email or Twitter name in your comment so I can contact you if you are a winner! OH! and be sure to tell me which ring would be your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd choice! (if you win this will be the ring you receive!) 😀

Extra Entries: (may only be done after posting the mandatory entry!) Please be sure to leave a separate comment for each extra that you do 😀

1- If you blog, add me to your blogroll. (1 entry)

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5- Tweet about this giveaway! You may use one of the tweet examples below or creat your own, but each tweet must contain the link to this giveaway and it must say something about “Aloha Giveaway” or “Glass Ring giveaway“.  unlimited entries!  (please try to space your tweets)

“Straight from The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, @lifeonprint’s Aloha Giveaway #1 Glass Rings! RT!”

“Win a gorgeous, one of a kind glass ring! Aloha Giveaway #1 via @lifeonprint  3 winners!”

Want to stand out in a crowd? Then you will want to win one of these gorgeous glass rings!  via @lifeonprint!” PLZ RT!”

6- Last minute extra entries!! Leave a comment on my Mug Hug review for 5 xtra entries in any one of my giveaways!  (dont forget to come back & leave 5 seperate comments letting me know you did!)

Giveaway starts NOW and ends on Sat. Sept 11 @ 12am PT. Have fun, play nice  and good luck!                MAHALO for entering!

*US residents only-sorry 😦

And our winners are:  1st place- Michelle S ,  2nd place- Mary Cummings,   3rd place- Stuff Smart Congrats ladies!

Avitae Caffeinated Water (Review) & Giveaway!

As far back as I can remember, I have been addicted to diet sodas.  I started drinking them in my late teens and never stopped!  Until this year…around the end of January,all of the sudden –  I stopped, can’t really say why or how..just didn’t crave them any more.  I started drinking iced tea: diet, sweetened, unsweetened, flavored, and unflavored.  But I noticed that all this tea drinking was making my teeth a little “less white” and sometimes I just didn’t feel for tea!  And most importantly I was feeling a huge lack of energy in the afternoons, when I would usually have a diet soda. I didn’t want restart my soda addiction..but i wasn’t getting anything done after all!

Then one day I saw that ThriftyChicMom was going to be talking about this wonderful alternative to soda, coffee, and tea at one of her #livegive Twitter parties!  I knew i had to check this out!  During the party we learned all about  this caffeinated water called Avitae. Was this what I had been hoping for?

I love water, always have!  But I am, admittedly, a water snob..I don’t just like the taste of any ol’ water. Let’s face it, not all bottled waters are created equally!  So I was a little worried that a “caffeinated water” might taste funny or have a weird after taste, but I decided to give it a go!

I contacted Avitae and asked them if they would be interested in sending me some of their water so I could try it and do a review, they were more than happy to! (a sign of a confident company)  When I received the water I was a little nervous about trying it..would it taste weird, would it make me nervous, what if it did nothing at all!?

The next day, after work, I gave it a try…poured the water over a tall glass of ice and took a drink..tasted great…no aftertaste what so ever…it was just really good, clean tasting water! I liked it!  I went about my afternoon drinking my water and then I realized, I wasn’t as tired as I had usually been after work..I had this burst of steady energy, I felt great! not jittery or nervous, I just felt like getting up and cleaning the house! ha!   This was awesome! 

A lil’ bit about this wonderful new find!  Avitae is caffeinated, purified, zero calorie water that contains 45mg of natural caffeine, this is the equivalent of an average diet soft drink’s caffeine content. Avitae contains NOTHING artificial, no un-natural  colors, no un-natural flavors, just great tasting water with a “caffeine lift”!

So, do I recommend this product? You bet I do! What are the pro’s and con’s? 

Pro’s:  Tastes great! like clean, fresh, water! no plastic bottle taste, no after taste!  Gives you a great steady energy lift.  Affordably priced! I love it! 😀

Con’s:  I am all out of Avitae! 😦

You can find more information about Avitae and where to get your own caffeinated water awesomeness on their website !! I highly recommend that you do!

note: I received a four pack of Avitae bottled water to try for my review. I received nothing else for my opinion not was I compensated in any way.  As always I provide you with my honest opinions and if I love it..I want to share it with you!


Want to give this fantastic water a try?? Well now you have the chance! Avitae will be sending one lucky reader a 4 pack of Avitae Caffeinated Water!  Winner will be chosen at random from all eligible comments/entries, so lets get this started!…. 😀

Mandatory entry: (must be done for other entries to count!!)

Subscribe to my blog (top left) and leave a comment letting me know that you did!  Then (in same comment) Tell me why you are most looking forward to trying this water!

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5- Go to my “Meet Bud” post and leave a comment! come back here letting me know you did! (5 entries)

6-  Tweet about this giveaway: (may be done up to 6 times a day, feel free to copy and paste the following)

“Addicted to soda? Have you heard about @Avitae45?  #win a 4 pack of Avitae Caffeinated Water!! via @lifethrwmyeyes

“Looking for an alterative to sodas?  Here’s what you’ve been looking for!  Avitae Caffeinated Water #Giveaway

“Want a healthy alternative to sodas/energy drinks? Here’s your chance to #win a 4/pk of Avitae!! via @lifethrwmyeyes 

That’s it! 😀

Giveaway starts right now and ends on July 21 @ 12am PST ! Have fun and good luck!

*US residents only-sorry 😦

The winner of the Avitae 4-pack is:  Ellen!!! Congrats!

e.l.f. “Limited Edition” Mini Makeup Collection Giveaway!


e.l.f. is a popular cosmetic line that has not only wonderful, high quality products but it is very easy on the ol’ pocket book!  e.l.f.  has quite the loyal following and after trying several of their product I can see why!!

While I was doing a little shopping on their website, , I saw this fantastic “Limited Edition” Mini Makeup Kit! I knew that you all would love this one as much as I do! 

This “Mini” kit has everything you need (minus the mascara) all wrapped up in a gorgeous little red boxy!

This “Limited Edition” 27 Pc Mini Includes: 9 eyeshadow shades, 1 cream eyeshadow shade, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 10 lip gloss shades, 1 brow powder, 1 eye liner pencil, 1 dual ended eyeshadow applicator and brush, 1 face brush and 1 lip brush!

One of my readers will win this beauty boxy all for their  self! YAY!  so….lets get to it!

Mandatory entry: (this MUST be done before the other entries for them to count)

Tell me what your favorite look of the season is for makeup, colors and style! (1 entry)

Extras: (please leave a seperate comment for each that you do)

1- Follow my blog on Twitter @LifeThrwMyEyes  tell me you did & leave your Twitter name  (1 entry)

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3- Vote for my DearFoams entry, leave a comment there telling me you voted, then come back here & comment that you did (can be done every 24 hours for and extra entry each time!)

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5- tweet about this giveaway. (may be done up to 10 times each day,but  please spread them out, don’t spam your followers 🙂 you may use the following tweets or create your own, must include the giveaway link!

“e.l.f. “Limited Edition” Mini Makeup Collection #Giveaway via @LifeThrwMyEyes “

“Wanna win a gorgeous lil’ red boxy of e.l.f. cosmetics?  better hop on over to enter! via @LifeThrwMyEyes ”

That’s it luvies!  Enter, enter!;)

Giveaway begins right now! and ends at midnight PT on Saturday- 6/26!

*US residents only-sorry 😦

 WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Congrats to comment #84 Paula, you win the e.l.f.  limited edition makeup kit!

Thank you to everyone that entered!

Super Summer Scholastic Reader Giveaway!

Wooohooo! It is almost summer and that means no more school!           Uber Yayness!!

BUT that doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying  a good book or 2 or 3 this summer with your favorite summertime bub!

As most of you know, I am a great lover of children’s books, especially Scholastic books! They have all the greats for sure!  I mean, who doesn’t love a good children’s book?! They take you to far off places, magical lands, with adorable, funny, thought provoking characters that we can ALL relate to in one way or another!  So in staying true to form, as always with my giveaways… “If I love it, then I want to share it with you!”  So I figured that this would be the perfect time to do a Super Summer Scholastic Reader Giveaway

There will be 4 winners in this here giveaway.. Winner #1 will get their choice of 4 books, 2nd will get their choice of 3 books that are left, 3rd & 4th will get their choice of 2 books each out of those that are remaining!  Does that make sense? lol…I am a bit tired so..I am hoping this makes sense 🙂

I have picked some of my very favorites for you this time around, stories that your children and you will love and treasure together!  like I have said before, I feel that reading with a child creates memories to last a lifetime! You will laugh, think, wonder and even get teary eyed together when you take the time to read with a child, these are very special bonding times, and those special times should be taken as often as possible, while you can!

ok, so here is a list of the books the winners will choose from: Frog and Toad All Year, Frog and Toad Together, (Henry and Mudge) Take The Big Test, Horrible Harry Cracks the Code, (Magic Tree House) Eve of the Emperor Penguin, The Fall of Fergal, Spelling B, The Learning Dog, News for Dogs (2 of these),  The Hardy Boy’s Secret Files (2 of these), The Year My Parents Ruined My Life, and Dragon Slippers! ( you may click on the pictures to enlarge to get a better view and you may also look the tiltes up to see reading level for each book!)

Giveaway Deets:

Mandatory Entry (must be done before the xtras!!)

Tell me in a comment what your favorite Children’s book is! or which one of these books you are most looking forward to reading!..  and who you are most wanting to read them with!

Extras! (please leave a seperate comment for each)

1. Vote for my DearFoam Contest entry , leave a comment under that entry telling me that you voted, then comeback here and leave a comment telling me that you voted! (1 entry-may be done daily!)

2. Have your friends vote for my Dear Foam Photo contest entry, have them go here:  , click the “VOTE” button  ,and also leave a comment telling me that they were sent by you! (they must leave a comment with your name for you to get extra entry)  Unlimited entries for each person you send to vote for me and may be done daily! leave a separate comment for each friends vote each day!

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4. Tell me what YOU are most looking forward to this summer! (1 entry)

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“Super Summer Scholastic Reader Giveaway! #Win@ Scholastic books! via Life through My Eyes… “

” Have a blast this summer with your bubs, reading together is awesome! #win @Scholastic Books via Life Through My Eyes “

“For the love of Summer Reading! 4 winners! Scholastic Book #Giveaway! from Life Through My Eyes.. “

Okley-Dokely! That should do it!  Giveaway Starts NOW! and ends at 12am PT on Saturday – 6/19

*US residents only-sorry 😦

And the winners are…. StuffSmart, Treetrout1, Vantalee, HedgeHogi, mmc67, Lovelyritaann, & PaulaKap8!!! Congrats ladies!  Thank you to everyone that entered! I will be DMing you for your book choices! ❤

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