~Aloha Friday~ Memories of Summer…

Happy Aloha Friday My Friends!

As the days of summer fade fast into fall, back to school, back to work, back to the hustle… the memories of summer will stay with us long after..

As I get ready to start another school/work year,  I stop to reflect on the wonderful memories of this past summer, BBQs, staying up late, relaxing with friends, going to the movies, and lounging around all day just for the heck of it …I love summer.

This is the first summer that I didn’t take holidays with the boy, and although I missed him like crazy- it was good, I got a lot done that I might not of if I were hanging out with him.

So as we say “Aloha: (farewell) to another gorgeous summer, I would love to hear your awesome memories of summer, the ones you will carry with you to warm your fall and winter days to come. 🙂



Barefoot Mommies